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When the body of an adult film star turns up in the lab, a tape of 'intimate moments' between Booth and Brennan also turns up. To find out who.

Disclaimer: I don't, sadly, own Bones or its characters. A/N This story starts during The body in the bounty. Chapter 1. A weird weekend and.

Updated: May 14, am -: Rated: Adult ++ -: Chapters: 3 -: Reviews 48 hours after Booth reneges on their engagement, Bones takes Christine and.

In a parallel universe, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth attend the same high school. In a world so radically different than the one we've come to know.

People: Booth, Bones, Rebecca, Cam, Jack, Angela, and a blast from the past. FF: Is it worth it?,PD 17/?, Booth and Bones, Some adult talk with in, chymom.