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I would very strongly suggest you run your scripts past an 'appropriate' adult first ( such as a parent, or teacher), as some of the topics you.

showed that people, not algorithms, want to share murder, gore and violence. Some shock sites presented photos and videos of death and violence (She notes in her book that Google experienced an extended surge of. is a shock site website which presents its viewers with graphic uncensored images and video of accident victims, drug overdoses, suicides, murders, executions and war crimes. It also contains pornographic video and other adult content. is currently banned from search results in.

The Real Faces of Death Pictures and Videos Uncensored Media, beheading Best Gore Named the Most Controversial Website on the Internet . I do recommend parental discretion due to the high adult content and graphic videos!! I give you answer I know Google is good one,you can get anything you want from.

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