How Shazam's 'Mary Marvel' Actress Secretly Joined The DCEU - adult mary marvel


SHAZAM!'s MARY MARVEL Says She has a Five-Movie Deal adult mary marvel

Mary Marvel is a fictional character superheroine originally published by Fawcett Comics and . When calling upon her powers, Mary is transformed into an adult resembling her late mother (in the same way that Billy resembles his father when .

The Shazam children have been cast but what about their adult, Which has led to the likely choice for Mary Marvel: actress Michelle Borth.

How Shazam's 'Mary Marvel' Actress Secretly Joined The DCEU Billy Batson's adult form, but Mary (Michelle Borth), Freddy (Adam Brody).

Mary Marvel is superheroine in the DC Comics Universe and a member of the into a super-powered adult woman that resembles her deceased mother.

While Adam once again became his mortal alter-ego, Teth-Adam, Mary transformed back into her adult Marvel form, but this time she was wearing a black.