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Neurogenic stuttering: a review of the literature : Neurologí adult onset neurogenic stuttering

By Luc De Nil, Ph.D., and Catherine Theys, (Summer ). When we think of stuttering, we normally think of developmental stuttering that has its onset.

Neurogenic stuttering is a type of fluency disorder in which a person has the sudden appearance of disfluent speech in an adult should be considered abnormal. Apart from the obvious difference in age of onset, differentiating between the.

Stuttering. ▫ Developmental stuttering. ▫ Acquired stuttering. ○ Onset Adult onset stuttering? Five features occur more frequently in neurogenic stuttering. ▫.

Acquired Stuttering vis-à-vis Aphasia . In summary, onset of stuttering in adults.

Possible onset at any age. Neurogenic. Stuttering. According to: Van Borsel et al. () Grant „Our therapy experience with adults with neurogenic stuttering.