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Adult games are those containing elements only suitable for mature audiences. Such games will vary in content, from crude and risqué adult humour, to games.

Download Quest for Glory 4½: So You Thought You Were a Hero?, Rance II: Hangyaku no Shōjotachi, Rance III: Leazas Kanraku, Rance IV: Kyōdan no Isan, Rance: Hikari o Motomete to play games with Adult inside! Quest for Glory 4½: So You Thought You Were a Hero? Rance III: Leazas.

erotic, adult abandonware games sorted alphabetically by title: from A to Z such as 4 Play, A Night with Troi, Astrotit on Abandonware DOS.

Found a site with quite a few old titles. I guess some or most of them are free and they give compatibility instructions/patches with the ones Ive.

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