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Will you find indigo adults and indigo children in everyday life? What are their personality traits? If you are wanting to know more about indigo people, or feel you.

Hi! I just found out two days ago, that I'm an Indigo Adult. I took the "test" on several sites, and answered "YES!" to ALL of the traits of an Indigo. Also, I am an INFJ.

Indigo adults often feel a burning desire to find and achieve their life purpose. They may feel a very strong need to make a difference in the world and leave it a .

The Indigos are the people who feel an inner sense of duty to do the s and s have grown into highly intuitive adults who speak the.

Not for one second had I given any thought to the idea I might be an Indigo. So I looked a little deeper. Maybe I am an Indigo. What about you?.