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Anal Glands in Cats himalayan cat and anal problems

The treatment of anal sac disease in cats depends on whether the problem is .. I inherited an 18yo ragdoll cat from an elderly lady who passed few months ago.

Knowing what signs to look for in your cat that indicate a digestive problem can If this is the case, check whether your cat has faeces around its anus, as this.

The anal sacs are commonly called 'anal glands'. The anal sac secretion contains chemicals that act as territorial markers, or 'cat calling cards'. If the anal sacs become infected in this manner, the fluid becomes bloody and eventually the sacs become filled with pus, forming an.

Bleeding from the rectum could indicate your feline has a real health issue. From diet to polyps to infections, get ideas to help your vet diagnose the problem.

I am impressed that you and your cat can deal with the recurring anal gland problem. I would encourage you to buy some good clippers and.