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If your mom allow you to have sex with her & you don't wanna make her pregnant its ok. Don't care what Is it wrong that I had sex with my mum? 2, Views.

So sit down in your room with your cock out, put some MILF or incest porn in plain Ask her to have sex with you, and on the off-chance that she refuses, start.

I have even thought about video taping her shower (but never have, that's creepy. ) I just want to slip in the shower with her and fuck her. She is so sexy, and on.

Basically meaning get to fuck. A retaliation to being slagged off. Insults a person if they are being dickish. There is no comeback to that.

fucking your mum from Dedji and JJ. suck my dick and i fuck your mum so hard last night that she died in the moment. by mamadou October.