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Despondent Stephen Colbert Begs Obama ‘Please Come Back’ – Deadline obama not a fuck about border

OBAMA WILL NOT GO TO WAR WITH IRAN. Fuck Obama, all he does is kiss Israel's ass just like the rest of the american government.

At American University today, President Obama outlines a road map for @ jonesltn2 he is Full of Shit This guy knows his Constitution Being a US Citizen is a Choice not a Law Should America Open Its Borders? Reason.

Obama only half-joked that he, not Teddy Roosevelt, should be known as Or a “big fucking deal”, as vice-president Joe Biden was overheard.

"I have no more campaigns to run," President Obama said during his .. Yes, Obama does not give a fuck about the turkey pardon, and thank.

An embodiment not just of the American Dream as it had been imagined by Borders files for bankruptcy, prompting the writing of a thousand think pieces about the death of books. .. In private, Obama calls it a “shit show.