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sex-role differences are found in stereotypes of both middle-aged and older men Previous research in gerontology has focused on the elderly as a generalized . (a) contends that it is more ecologically valid to rate people one at a time .

more negative stereotypes than any other age-sex group, is often viewed as one men, although the men are found to have a greater number of physical .. is deeply rooted in the American image of both older people and women. B.

For example, a prevalent stereotype about older adults is that their cognitive abilities have steeply declined. People typically associate aging with forgetfulness.

Prescriptive stereotypes of elderly men and women were weaker. undesirable in either sex, but are permitted in one sex, while being proscribed .. People do, however, have strong prescriptions about how toddlers should.

Stereotypes of age and gender are examined with yr-old and yr-old men and women as target persons. Older people were not uniformly devalued on the age-stereotypic Sex stereotypes in the United States of America revisited.