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My insides churned with the turmoil which precedes sexual congress - a And if such mutual, shared-by-all sexual congress is essential to their creed, as I grok.

Looking for online definition of sexual congress in the Medical Dictionary? sexual congress Meaning of sexual congress medical term. 1. mutual exchange.

Coitus reservatus also known as sexual continence, is a form of sexual intercourse in which the more than just self-control, but mutual control where the penetrative partner helps the receptive partner and vice versa. . Culling writes that Dianism is "sexual congress without bringing it to climax" and that each participant.

friendliness, comradeship, companionship, amity, affection, mutual affection, sex, intercourse, lovemaking, act of love, carnal knowledge, sexual congress.

thoughts so often center on sexual congress, even in his divine poems. sexual love in Book IV of Paradise Lost in relation to Donne's view of mutual love.