• 12 gauge Brenneke slugs vs Body Armor - will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor


The Box O' Truth #16 - Level IIIA Armor - The Box O' Truth will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor

It takes an amour piercing to penetrate one of those. k views Slugs are harder to say, but most body armors can hold up to a gauge slug. k views.

I realize that a slug won't penetrate the Level III and IV plates, but will the sheer mass of the projectile put the person wearing the armor out of.

Can Brenneke 12 gauge slugs defeat body armor and at what level? Neither penetrate the armor but the damage to the clay used to back the.

12 gauge buck- and bird-shot is stopped by a good set of body armour. Slugs won't reliably penatrate modern body armor; it will just make the front of . The slug did not penetrate the vest but drove it through the railroad tie.

For your information, body armor material is designed to work when worn by a IIIA material will work when put on a person or over 4″ of ballistic clay, but if How about 12 gauge 00 Buck? The armor stopped 00 Buck and Rifled Slugs.